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Cucaracha del mar

Cucaracha del mar

Yoselin Garcia from El Limon in the north coast of the state Samana in Dominican Republic is an amazing artisan, not too easy to find him nor his handcrafts, but when we found it, it was something we never seen before!
That’s why we want his work to be shown globally, to help his name become bigger than only being known in the little town of Samana where we first saw his work:
At a little side walk shop with a lot of handcrafts from different Dominican artisans, that a sweet local lady owned, had his art on a little shelf.

After telling her about the project she was very helpful with information about the interesting art that we just seen. She told us that there is a man in another village who is making them. He does everything from going to the ocean near the waterfall they have in El Limon, picking them up, drying the shell, polish it and turns them in to jewellery´s with coconut shells. His work is called La cucaracha del mar, which means the cockroach of the sea. At this moment we knew that we wanted to meet the man behind this art. He only comes to town once a week to sell them and it was the last day for us there, so we had to drop everything to make an expedition to go and find him.
We took a public taxi to El Limon where we only found another reseller of his art. We tried again with our broken Spanish to explain that it was him in person we wanted to meet. They finally understood the meaning of our project and brought us to his home. A little backyard plate house was where he created his magic.


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22 January 2015



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