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Peruvian yoga bags and fabrics

Peruvian yoga bags and fabrics

Yoga and medetation have for a long time been apart of our knowledge too free our mind body and soul. We want to make it easier too bring this knowledge and treatment for your body whereever you go.
This yoga bag is designed after a regular size math and thickness by us and Peruvian sew master Cirilo we met in Cusco.

We were walking around San pedro market in the center of Cusco looking for somebody that could help us sew the fabric we had bought from Illari shop next door into yoga bags, Illari is the biggest providers of fabric for the artisans in San pedro market.
Uncutted and raw but 100 procent fine cotton that they easily can work with.

Everybody was selling handmade stuff but non of them was the artisan... until we saw Cirilo standing there sewing alot of stuff by himself.
We went to his litle stand in the corner and started to explain our ideas and project to him. He was really entusastic and said he will make us a example and we decide if we like it by tomorrow.

The next day we returned and as promised he had made a perfect match of our idea from the fabric. We was so happy that we had found another connection we could work with in Peru aswell.

Cirilo have been sewing since 1985 when he was 20 years old and met his wife Molino that was already studying the techniques of sewing. Cirilo was studying economics by that time but watching and studying his wifes work made him change his mind and after a year together he bought his first padel sew machin witch is still standing at their house.

Today they have two grown up daugthers together, he thinks they are better sewers than he and his wife, extreamly quick and precise he tell us.

To be able to support Cirilo and his work was amazing though he is a selfseficent artisan in the San pedro market. If you for example work in Lima the capital you usually work for somebody else and earn alot less, even if its more easy to get more customers there. Because of lack of time we had in Cusco Cirilo only had time to make six yoga bags for us at the moment but he have cut all of the fabric for us for the rest of the material, So we decided we have theese yoga bags and use the fabric we have as other decoration for the home to then be able to order more finnished bags from him!

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04 September 2016



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