Calabash art

Calabash art

Our couch surfer really wanted us to meet Charlotte and see her art because she thought it was something unique from the other artists working in Jacmel, and it truly was! Charlotte have a different thinking that I would call more open minded. For example, these women that she paints on the calabash is inspired from India and their culture. Most people working in Jacmel only focus on costumes fitting for the carnival. Most people also use the calabash in Haiti for their voodoo ceremonies and not for creating art. We were so excited to meet Charlotte but unfortunately, Charlotte was not in town when we went to visit her shop… We still decided to invest in three of Charlottes masks and then contact her to tell her more about our project and see if she wanted to collaborate more with us. We emailed Charlotte and got a really positive feedback back but then the communication stopped. We have been trying to call her and email her plenty of times but no more response… We know that she has a lot of things to do since she also works with orphan children and think that she maybe thought this was too big of a project to have time with. So now we have three of this exclusive calabash art for sell until we can reach Charlotte again!

calabash sign charlotte calabash sign charlotte calabash sign charlotte


13 May 2016



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