The shells

The shells

Walking around Old San Juan a part on the main island of Puerto Rico we found a little store selling hand craft from different local artisans. In the store we found these small adorable wallets made of real shells, theese are found on different beaches around Puerto Rico, this family polished them and put on a zipper around them to
make it to walletts. We loved this creativity and wanted to meet the family personally but the mother of the store could not give us any information about them except that they had told her this were there last creation since some accident with the hand of the handcraft makers had appeared... She didn’t have their phone number or anything they just come to town once in a while to sell their shells to the stores around Puerto Rico. We decided to buy six of these beautiful little wallet shells to sell around the world to atleast support them for a last time and is now hoping we find someone this creative out there doing something like this for the world!

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09 May 2016



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