The castor bean necklace

The castor bean necklace

In the village going up to the citadel was
where we found the six ladies making this amazing creative bean jewellery’s we never seen before!
None of them spoke English but luckily we had met Ramces Etiemne who is working at the citadel and learned a bit English from the tourists going there from time to time. He introduced us to the ladies: Ann-marie, Carol, Diedonne, Alya, Juliet and Oddet. All of them live in the village and is helping each other to produce and sell their art. They started together 1980 with this. They pick the seeds, making whole in each side of them with a thin needle and putting true a fishing line in all of them. The seed by itself have the amazing leopard pattern and makes it a perfect item to work with without spending money more than a fishline and a needle. We were amazed by their creativity and wanted to make them a sustainable business with us to try to help their little mountain village to keep on going!

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06 May 2016



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