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Marble and Copper jewellery

Marble and Copper jewellery

Walking the streets of Havana for the last day after five weeks in Cuba, we didn’t think we would find anybody to cooperate with for a project though the most of Cuba’s art was always reseller selling the artisans work. As many of our projects we also stumbled upon this one the last day before moving on. We found Laura standing by her table at a small market on a parallel inner street from one of Havana’s busiest tourist streets called Mayo y cuba lauraQranquren. Her art was different and caught our eye directly. She didn’t sell the typical cigar boxes or Chee Guevara paintings, she sold her families handmade Copper and Marble jewellery’s. We have seen a lot of jewellery’s during our travels but never seen anybody working with marble in this way. Her husband Jose Luis started his work by making sculptures and studying art. Jose is the one who is cutting the marble in to small pieces so it’s possible to use it as jewellery material. Cuba have free healthcare and education for their habitants so Luis studied a lot of art work to be able to one day start their own business as they now have. To be a certificated artisan and be able to sell in Cuba is difficult though the government don’t want you to earn more than a certain amount at month because all the people are supposed to have the same amount of money in their “communist” society. Most selling’s they won’t register so they can keep the money, this is of course easier when you make the whole product yourself from the beginning. All the patterns that are made around the marble with the copper is their design that they one by one bend with tools to fit the marble. We were so impressed, a neckless like this takes a couple of weeks for them but would take years for us to make with all of these small details. We told Laura about our project and she was so happy to cooperate to be able to spread their art further then Cuba that is impossible for them without a foreigners help.



22 January 2015



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