What is W.E.W.A?
Travel is a lifestyle not everyone settles in for, for us it is our lifestyle. We want to open new encounters and knowledge of all the world's different cultures and people. Wherever we end up in the world this project is an opportunity. W.E.W.A is a project and a website where artisans of all types of handcraft can come forward and be seen with their work/art globally. W.E.W.A does also work as a travel guide like no other. We would like to give you the information how you can travel to places in the world you never thought you'd see. By combining the global shop with travel info you will be able to go and meet the artisans you consume from.

Why choose us?
To act through large companies means very likely that one does not know neither where the product comes from nor who the artisan is. So we work on site with a binding relationship with all different kind of handcraft makers. This forms a fair-trade organisation as the artisans are those who receive the direct sum without going through a big company where their names are not visible and they get overshadowed by the big company name. Working on location around the world means that we can pay the artisans directly the price they value their art for without barging.

This is a non-profit organization which means that no one apart from us who work for this project will benefit from it. Anyone around the world who know any great creator that should be known globally, please post us a message and help to create more binding connections and knowledge in the world!

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