The sea-glass jewelry

East off Puerto Rico is a small island called Vieques with wild horses and tropical beaches. Puerto Rico is a US territorial, this makes it very easy for Americans to come and buy a lot of property witch raises the prices to buy a house for the locals and to start a business for them. This made us even more curious to interact with the locals. This is when we met the wonderful Suzy with her sea-glass recycling jewelry. She works every night on the El Malecon (beach street), where she has a small table which she decorates with her jewelry. The glass comes from the sea that has been grinded naturally through time and all the streams. She hand picks them from the beaches around the island and turn them in her personal style to earrings and necklaces using steel wire. She also dye certain of them to get special colors and patterns. Suzy is an extremely creative self-sufficient mother of four children. She grew up in the main island and moved out to Vieques with the family for only four months ago to find a quieter life. In anticipation of accommodation they stayed for a month at the beach, camping. Now they live on her jewelry she sells around the island. She took us to an amazing Taino (native Indians) festival to experience the almost forgotten culture. Suzy is young in the spirit and mind. She live for the day and knows everything is going to be alright, but life is a struggle so we want to help this wonderful woman to get her work out to the world.
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