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We meet artisans around the world to help them come forward and sell their arts globally.

Our Mission

The search

We travel around the world looking for artisans that create unique works of art and bring them to you. The world is vast and we don’t want distance or borders to limit the reach of artistic expression from finding you.

Bring out their art globally

Most artist that we meet don’t have access to the internet and are only able to sell their goods locally. With help from our worldwide contacts and social media we can now show the world their art.

Sustainable fair-trade business

We are working on creating a site that gives these artist a fair price for their work. Creating connections, make us as a sustainable customer, thru our blog you are able to follow the whole production cycle.


If you are an artisan with something unique to offer or a traveler witnessing amazing art or someone who has ideas on how we can improve our fair-trade business, please contact us!

The project map

The map will show you where in the world our projects come from, from the pin that represents one of us working with the project you can click to see the whole article and item. With this you can follow us around the world, exploring new cities that you maybe never heard about and create new encounters with artists and their work. This is our way of keeping the artisan in the spotlight, anybody at any time that want to go visit them have all the info they need here and on the blog!

Random Product

Most read from blog

Cucaracha del mar

Yoselin Garcia from El Limon in the north coast of the state Samana in Dominican Republic is an amazing artisan, not too easy to find him nor his handcrafts, but when we found it, it was something we never seen before!

The hidden beauty of Haiti

We heard that we were one of the first backpackers in Haiti!

Recycle Project - Colombia

Big it up for people like creative artist Julian and his pop can tab recyle work.

Treasures in the Caribbean

The powerful Larimar stone that we only can find in Dominican Republic!

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